About Us
1. Tell us more about Ellysage!
2. Which companies does Ellysage have partnerships with?

1. Help me understand the ordering process on Ellysage!
2. How do I create an account?
3. Do I have to have an account to start shopping?
4. When will an item be restocked?
5. What are backorders?
6. When will backorders arrive?
7. How do I buy an item that's on backorder?
8. What happens when I place an order for an in-stock item and a backorder item at one go?
9. What is a waiting list?
10. Can I amend, cancel my order, or change my address after confirming it?
11. Do you have a size guide?

Payment Methods
1. What are the payment options available?
2. I have a discount code and/or store credits. How do I use them?

Status of Order
1. What does pending mean?
2. What does awaiting payment verification mean?
3. What does payment verified mean?
4. What does processing mean?
5. What does processing (space invasion) mean?
6. What does dispatched mean?
7. What does incomplete address mean?
8. What does inventory check mean?
9. What does returned parcel mean?

Shipping and Delivery
1. Do you provide international shipping?
2. What local delivery options do you have?
3. Do you have a shop/location where I can collect my items? Can I self collect my purchases?
4. How do I track my order?

Returns & Exchanges
1. What is Ellysage's return policy?
2. What is Ellysage's exchange policy?

Prize Collection
1. How do i collect my prizes for contests and giveaways?


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